The NORDICPEDMED is a joint development project within Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The first part completed already in 2015, but it was finalized during the 2016 to have the network governance. The development of a joint Nordic Investigators Registry will be finalized during the years 2017-2018. The ultimate aim of NordicPedMed is to develop a Nordic network of investigators, centres and national networks with recognized expertise in performing clinical studies on children and increase cooperation both on a Nordic and European level. NordicPedMed received funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers and NordForsk, through a 3-year NordicTrial Alliance (NTA) project.

The network’s objectives are to help meet the therapeutic needs of children by facilitating development, increasing knowledge and communicating information on appropriate use of new medicines, medicines currently available, and other therapies for the pediatric population. Currently, NordicPedMed have strong European level connection via FinPedMed and NorPedMed memberships to the European research network, Enpr-EMA ( European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency).

second Joint Nordic Conference on Pediatric Medicines - 21-22 May 2018 - Helsinki, Finland


* EU Legal & Ethical & Regulatory Framework for Pediatric Clinical Trials Up-date
* Pediatric Regulation 10-yrs – Effects in Practice & Expectations for the next 10 yrs
* Industry & Network perspectives for Pediatric Medicines Development and Clinical Trials
* European Pediatric Research Infrastructure Initiatives for Pediatric Clinical Trials
* Young Persons as a New Stakeholders Group for Pediatric Medicines Development
* Funding & Future of the Pediatric Clinical Trial Conduction in Nordic Countries

-Registration and Information.


Service Request to cover whole NorPedMed region is under development (years 2017-2018).

Service Request to FinPedMed.

Service Request to SwedPedMed.