About us

The NORDICPEDMED is a continuous development project. Partly completed during the years 2014-2016, but has continued during the years 2017-2019 for the development of a joint Nordic Investigators Registry.

NordicPedMed (NORDIC investigators network for PEDiatric MEDicines) was initially funded by Nordforsk / Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA) as a 1-year project in 2015. In 2016, the NORDICPEDMED-Stage 2 project about Establishing governance and developing implementation plan for joint operations of the Nordic national paediatric clinical trial networks was completed and the Stage-3 project about the RWD use in 2019. Both following stages (2 and 3) were funded by Nordforsk / Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA).

Nordic network collaboration can increase pediatric research opportunities by:
  • Increasing competitiveness of Nordic Area and Developing stronger position within the European Network of Paediatric Research at European Medicines Agency (Enpr-EMA)
  • Raising the recruitment potential by larger child population (5.2 million < 18 yrs. old)
  • Fostering high-quality, ethical research, to find out safety and efficacy of pediatric medicines
  • Enhancing collaboration between the networks and various stakeholders
  • Avoiding unnecessary trials in children
  • Creating scientific and administrative competence at a Nordic level
Most importantly, the Nordic network provides benefits to sick children by offering opportunities for early access to new promising medicines in a safe and controlled way in clinical trials.

NORDICPEDMED Investigators include doctors treating pediatric patients as well as other experts representing other branches of science, being members of the national networks of the NordicPedMed. The NORDICPEDMED network gives investigators and experts a chance to participate in and influence the development of children's medicine development and medicinal treatments by giving them opportunities to take part to medicinal product development processes and conduct new pediatric clinical trials.

NORDICPEDMED investigators are included to the joint Investigators Registry. From this registry, FINPEDMED / NORDICPEDMED Office is able to look for experts and investigators nationwide from all Nordic countries for incoming Service Requests from Sponsors and other research groups.