Send CDA-documents

FINPEDMED/NORDICPEDMED Experts are acting as independent individual contractors providing the Services. The Requester may ask for the designated Expert/-s to conclude a separate confidentiality agreement (CDA) with the Requester. If such a CDA is needed and asked by the Requester prior to generating a Service Request, a draft of the CDA needs to be sent first to the FINPEDMED Office for an overview. The FINPEDMED Office evaluates and negotiates the terms and conditions of the proposed CDA on behalf of the Experts.

If separately requested by the Requester, the FINPEDMED Office may also conclude a CDA with the Requester in order to receive information relating to the Service Request. If signed CDAs shall also be obtained from the Experts before being granted access to detailed Service Request information, the Requester shall inform about their preferred practice in managing CDA documents.

Please send a draft CDA document as an attachment or Url of the web link to an eCDA document: